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Why ERP?

We need to understand the problems faced by conglomerate before getting to know ERP Fundamentals. Business houses always find great difficulty in quickly making out the required information because of the voluminous data, improper segregation, departmental arrangements and unprecedented delays. Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP as it is shortly referred has come to overcome this menace. It is a boon to organizations that were in need of this kind of facility for ever. This idea will help to get a feel of ERP basics.

What ERP Does?

In short ERP helps to integrate the data in an organization under one common platform. The purpose behind is not only to ensure transparency but also to facilitate tracking down information regarding the status of a particular order or its dispatch and so on. If a company succeed in this it will definitely achieve ERP benefit.

Benefits in a nut shell

An organization has to do meticulous planning, devise strategies before going ahead with ERP. ERP can cut down costs; improve the quality of working time and by and large. In short it helps in making the maximum use of technological advancements. For instance the executive in the Sales Department will be able to respond to a customer query immediately by making out the status of the product's delivery which would not have otherwise been possible but for the intervention of ERP in the organization. ERP has enabled organizations to do away with laborious and time consuming process. A strong understanding of ERP basics will help to know ERP benefits.

Career Options in ERP Industry.

A trained ERP Consultant can thus look forward to the following career options within the rapidly growing ERP world:
* Consulting Services
* Implementation Services
* Maintenance and Support Services